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Male in dark blue outfit holding woman in navy and peach floral maternity dress with toddler on a beach. Log in the background

Connected Beginnings

Perinatal Support

Your Birth, Your Story

 As a doula it is an honor and privilege to be able to support families as they welcome new life into this world. I provide unwavering support, without judgment or bias, to each family I work with. I also educate and empower my clients during this time, while being right there whenever they need. I am proud to offer a range of services that are uniquely tailored to each family’s needs supporting a safe and healthy transition into their new roles. Every pregnancy and birth is a new beginning, the start of a new story or chapter, and I love being apart of that. 



Compassionate Client Centered Care

Pregnancy & Birth Support

 My approach to birth is one filled with compassion, education, empowerment and the understanding that every experience is unique. I look forward to connecting with my clients and learning about who they are and their hopes for birth. As a trained birth doula I draw upon my constantly growing skill set to create an environment that promotes comfort, confidence, and safety. In birth I utilize my knowledge to provide comfort measures, answer questions and positioning suggestions when needed. I am also there to help advocate, hold space for, and laugh with you when needed. I am your friend, a motherly figure, your biggest cheerlead, and your coach. I'm your doula. 

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