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Hello and Welcome!
My name is Sheilena and I am a full spectrum doula, birth photographer, and student midwife in Tacoma, WA

I was born and raised in Tacoma, Washington, and grew up as one of five children. Currently, I am raising my own two tiny humans with my husband near the high school we both attended. I embody many aspects of the stereotypical Pacific Northwest gal, including indulging in copious amounts of coffee, sporting Birkenstocks year-round, and never having an umbrella on hand. Alongside my deep love for my roots and community, I enjoy reading, listening to podcasts, baking, taking leisurely walks, and cherishing moments with my family when I'm not on call.

I've always felt a profound calling towards birth work, and my curiosity and passion only intensified over time until I took the plunge. In June of 2020, five months postpartum and amid the challenges of the pandemic, I embarked on my journey and attended a DONA training at The Birthing Inn in Tacoma. Since then, I've been dedicated to expanding my knowledge in this field so that I can better support my clients. Currently, I'm pursuing my dream of becoming a midwife at Midwives College of Utah, simultaneously continuing my work as a doula.

Since stepping into the role of a doula, I've had the privilege of supporting numerous families across a spectrum of birth settings. From hospital births to home births, birth center deliveries, and even almost-car births, each experience has been uniquely enriching. It has been an exciting ride and I eagerly anticipate the next birth, waiting to discover where it will lead me and what invaluable lessons it will impart


Credentials and Training

June 2020- DONA Birth Doula Training

September 2021/October 2023- Neonatal Resuscitation Program (trained/recertified)

May 2021- Trained as a birth center assistant.
September 2023- Spinning Babies Trained

December 2020-Self Trained Postpartum Doula

April 2021- Certified Adult/Pediatric First Aid, CPR, AED
May 2022- Joined The Dedicated Doula Team
March 2024- Certified Body Ready Movement Pro
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