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MCU Student E-Profile

MCU Program Goals

"A midwife of technical expertise Goal #1: The undergraduate program aims to prepare graduates to practice at the full scope of the Certified Professional Midwife credential through the demonstration of broad, integrative, and specialized knowledge."

"A midwife of professional excellenceGoal #2: The undergraduate program aims to advance equity and access in midwifery, as well as to prepare graduates to serve in diverse communities in culturally safe, ethical, and collaborative ways."

"A midwife of personal greatnessGoal #3: The undergraduate program aims to prepare graduates for reflective practice and a perpetual commitment to advancing quality and professional direct-entry midwifery."

My Student Goals

Being a student midwife alongside working as a doula and showing up for my ow family can be a lot to juggle at times. My goal for Summer 2024 is to create a schedule that is sustainable and allows for better work life balance. 

I am hoping to finish my BSM at MCU by the end of Fall 2027!

I want to be done with Phase 1 by the end of Fall 2024. 

My Personal Goals

To practice self-care once a week so that I am able to reset and refocus every week. 

Go on more walks while it is sunny outside!

Prioritize myself more often, and say no when needed. 

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